Why and Who


Patients Non-Compliance/Adherence

Patient Compliance/Adherence to doctor’s recommendations leads to better outcomes; however, the adherence tends to diminish drastically after office visits without reinforcement. Non-Compliance/Adherence is a cluster of behaviors that limit people from benefiting fully with their treatment, which is compounded by a fragmented system of patient care.

Prevalence and Consequences 

In a 2011 Consumer Report survey about patient behavior, primary care physicians stated that adherence was their greatest concern.  Furthermore, while US doctors fill out 3.8 Billion prescriptions each year, about 50% are taken incorrectly.

More specifically for mental health, on average, more than 40%  psychiatric medications are not being taken when prescribed. Serious mental health issues cost ~193 Billion in lost earnings in US alone. Not including the intangible cost throughout society and the economy.