Healthcare Providers

First of All, We appreciate how hard you worked to take care of your patients/clients, we would like to care for you so you can care for them better 🙂

We choose non-compliance and non-adherence issue due to its detrimental impact on patient experience, treatment outcome, provider/patient relationship, economic burden.

Do you agree that non-compliance and non-adherence issue is a issue worth to solve?

Why we need your help?

  • Your Journey: We would like to understand the journey you take with your patients/clients and main pain points in the process.
  • Digitization: We would like to work with you to digitalize your program(s) so that you can suggest features to help reduce non-compliances / increase adherence
  • UI/UX Design: We would also like your input in creating our user-interface so in the future you can create the program  yourself as well

How we might be able to help you?

  • Overcome patients behavior barrier: We can implement ways to over-come patients behavior barriers to follow doctor’s prescription; Push information about medication and usage, or health literacy, potential side effects; Provide social support and forum for them to discuss
  • Continuous Improvement: We will provide you easy access to usage data for program(s) and users, and help you fine-tune the programs for your clients/patients
  • Build relationships: We will augment your ability to build a rapport and trust relationship with your patients/clients
  • Streamline process: We will continue to work with partners to identify ways to streamline the process so you can focus on caring for your patients/clients

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